Friday, June 27, 2008

Girl Scouts donate to PL!

Marilyn N's teenage daughter Amanda's Girl Scout troop wanted to do a service project, so Marilyn volunteered to work with them to make quilts for Project Linus. Marilyn helped them "shop" the guild's Project Linus stash, and the girls chose wonderful fabrics for three quilts.
Marilyn chose simple patterns because the girls were just learning to sew. The one above is a crazy four-patch. It's so much fun in the fabrics they chose!

They also made a quilt of squares, but it's lively and fun with all the polkadots and bright colors!

This quilt alternates rail fence blocks with squares for an easy but complicated-looking pattern. A Brownie troop helped with tying the quilts, and Marilyn finished the edges. The girls did a fabulous job, and had a blast doing it! Thanks, Scouts, and thank you Marilyn for putting in the time and energy to make this happen. There are three children out there who will very much appreciate all your efforts.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Project Linus National Conference

Last week was the Project Linus National Conference in Decatur! Chapter coordinators from around the country came to learn new skills and exchange ideas. It was awesome! Mary Balagna and the other organizers did a fabulous job.
Debbi D and Marge P (shown below) and Cheri S volunteered at one of the booths. We taught people to make Happy Houses (see pattern link in sidebar). It was so gratifying to see how much the conference attendees enjoyed making the blocks, and to hear their plans for using them. Several mentioned that they would feature this at their next Make A Blanket Day.
The Conference was held in Bloomington. Here's a photo of one of the exhibit aisles -- BEFORE it became crowded with conference-goers!
Here's our Happy Houses quilt, made by the Linus Committee at a worknight and quilted by Donna R. It has now been donated to Project Linus and soon will be wrapped around some child who really needs it.

June quilts!

Here's a wonderful quilt from Elaine G. It's a simple pattern of 6 rectangles arranged 3x2 per block, then set in alternating directions, but the fabrics really give it some punch! The back is a bright yellow. Thanks so much!

Dorothy B made a sampler quilt that is child-friendly and fabulous! Thank you, Dorothy!

I'm so sorry that I don't know who donated this quilt, but it's a wonderful use of scraps! Those strings will provide hours of fun for a child trying to find all the little designs and prints.
Grammabunny made this simple quilt of squares. Many of the blocks feature a variety of adorable dog prints. Cute!
And she also made two whole cloth quilts. This one is for a child who dreams of being an astronaut...
...and here's one for a cowboy! Thanks so much!
Charlene B did a wonderful job making this Linus kit of Easy Squares. Thank you -- it's certain to be well loved!

Remember, you can bring a finished quilt to guild or Sew Sassy at any time, and there are usually kits available for pick up. Thanks for all your donations!