Thursday, April 19, 2007

Donating a Camp Coco Quilt

One reader requested more information on making a quilt for Camp Coco. Wow -- that's great! We'd love to receive your donation. Basic instructions are given in an earlier post. Batting can be cotton, polyester or a cotton/polyester blend (no wool). For information on where to submit your Camp Coco quilt, please contact one of the following:

Central Illinois Chapter of Project Linus

Project Linus Committee of Illini Country Stitchers Guild

Thank you! We look forward to hearing from anyone interested in making a Camp Coco quilt. :)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

3 more Camp Coco quilts

Kim L designed and made two fabulous outdoor quilts for this summer's campers. The first is a tree growing tall in a flowery field with butterflies everywhere.Do click on the photos to take a look at Kim's work. All the leaves are pieced with different green fabrics, and there is attention to detail in every aspect of the quilt. She also made a tree with lizards climbing the trunk and playing on the ground. Just wonderful! Thanks so much, Kim.
Diane L made this terrific Camp Coco quilt with brightly pieced blocks and a green border that shows little bugs playing in the tall grass. So cute! And she put a cheery message on the front, but you'll have to click the photo to read it.
The back of her quilt is also cheery and fun -- almost like getting TWO quilts! Thanks, Diane.

Teen quilt

What teenager doesn't dream of getting a driver's license? Judy G made this cozy license plate flannel quilt with a teen in mind.
Here's a closeup of the backing fabric, which also is used on the borders. Click on the photo to more easily read the clever sayings on the license plates.
If you have some child- or teen-friendly fabric at home, why not make a Linus quilt with it? The pattern does not have to be complicated, but the finished quilt will be very much appreciated!

More Linus kits returned!

To make the best use of our donated fabrics -- and of course of everyone's time and talents -- the Linus committee puts together kits that guild members take home to work on. That means that any one quilt may be worked on by several people: someone who chooses the pattern and cuts the quilt, someone (or several someones) who pieces the top, and then a quilter and sometimes a separate binder. I don't always find out the names of everyone who worked on the quilt, but everyone involved deserves a big thank you!

Talese S quilted and bound this child's rail fence quilt. If you click on the quilt to enlarge the photo, you can see the cute Raggedy Ann fabric.

Stephanie Mumm put together this bright panda Easy Squares kit. If you click the photo you'll get a better view of the panda bears in the white squares and admire her fun and creative quilting design!

Unfortunately I don't have the name of the person who turned in this nine-patch panel kit. It's beautifully finished -- please let me know if you made it!
Thank you, thank you!

Panel quilts

Diane L turned in three Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy panel quilts. They are really cute, perfect for a baby or toddler. One of the recent Central Illinois Linus newsletters mentioned that baby panel quilts were a current need, so Diane's quilts are very much appreciated.Karen P tacked and bound this animal panel from a Linus kit put together by Glennys M. Thanks so much, Karen!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Heartstring Quilt

It's finished! This is the heartstring quilt from Make A Blanket Day at Sew Sassy that we mentioned in an earlier post.
Despite the snow, several dedicated people showed up and finished all the blocks. One of them had a child who had received a Linus blanket and she wanted to return the favor by helping to make a blanket for another child. These blocks are so easy to make, and the result is great! Click on the photo and you can see what fun fabrics are in there -- it's almost like an I Spy quilt.
Here's a photo of some guild members and drop-in stitchers at the April Sew Sassy work night where we made almost enough blocks for yet another string quilt. Way to go!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Ladybug Camp Coco Quilt

A wonderful quilter in our community makes several quilts for Linus every month. Wow! And they are such nice quilts, too. She puts a personal note on each label and signs it "Gramma Bunny." Although she is not a guild member, she is part of our Linus distribution system and has given us permission to put her quilts on our blog. Here is a recent quilt she made, with her friend Karen, for Camp Coco.
How cute is that? This idea is adaptable to many variations -- simple strips (or squares) pieced together and then a child-friendly applique added. These friendly ladybugs, with rick-rack legs and antennae, make this a perfect choice for Camp Coco. Thanks, Gramma Bunny and Karen!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

More fleece!

We've gotten some very cute and cleverly done fleece blankets recently. Pat M made this bright rag-style fleece blanket. Click on the photo to see the rag edges between squares more clearly.
I don't know who donated this sweet blanket. As always, please let me know if you made it! (Update: Gramma Bunny made this quilt. Thanks!)
Lorraine G made this star-studded fleece. The edges are beautiful! First look at the whole blanket ...
...then check out the closeup. The edge was folded over and zig-zagged down, then the loops were cut. The top edge here is from the back of the blanket, and the edge at the bottom of the photo is from the front side of the blanket. Again, clicking to enlarge the photo will help you see exactly how the edge was made.
Mary M made two cuddly preemie blankets, show below. Very soft!
Thank you to all who donated fleece blankets!