Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Strips and strings

String quilts are a great way to use up odds and ends of fabric. Since our Linus quilts rely on donations, we try not to waste anything. All the extras get cut into squares or strips.

We have 24 muslin squares, each with a bright red strip down the center. Volunteers at Sew Sassy on Make A Blanket Day will fill the blocks up with lots of bright fabrics!

If you have any strips to donate, we'd love to have them!

String quilts can be made with complete randomness in the placing of the strings, but having the same color strip down the center of each block opens lots of design possibilities. One simple layout is a diamond shape like the one in this photo. The Heartstrings website has complete directions for making blocks as well as photos of several design possibilities, including their wonderful string heart. Quiltville has a complete string quilt primer that includes photos of several quilts. The Heartstrings group makes these quilts to donate, and we think their idea is great for Linus quilts.

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