Sunday, January 9, 2011

A variety of quilts

We get lots of adorable quilts made from a variety of patterns. This pattern came from a cowboy workshop at Project Linus National, but it's made from bear fabrics for a very different look.
This pattern was a Central Illinois chapter mystery quilt.
Occasionally we have guild members donate fleece blankets.
Here's a bright and lively one!
This is a snowball shaped pattern -- such bright and happy colors!
And this same pattern here uses racoons and outdoor fabrics for a Camp Coco quilt.

Strippie quilts

We make lots of strippie quilt kits, and many members make their own strippie quilts to donate. Cute and fun! See the sidebar for a link to Mary's website where there are directions for this (and other) quilts.
Cute, isn't it? Here's a close-up of a bulldozer quilt.

And doesn't it look like party time in this close up?

Fun with strings!

We don't waste our scraps! Heartstring quilts (see sidebar for links to directions) make wonderful quilts and are lots of fun to make with groups of people. The quilts get unity through a consistent fabric in the center string. See how different they can look when you use different centers!

And here's another Fighting Illini quilt -- go Orange Crush!

Many ways to use squares!

Quilts based on squares can be highly varied -- and they use scraps or big prints or anything you want! This is a buggy quilt destined for kids at Camp Coco.
This quilt has big squares set in two borders.
What a fun baby quilt -- squares with borders!

This one is a simple square alternated with a 4-patch. What little kid doesn't love Mickey?
This is a very sophisticated design based on squares and rectangles of marbled solids. Wow!
Winnie the Pooh squares are set into a more intricate design.
And here's another of our Easy Squares quilts, made from a kit.


Same pattern, very different look! Pinwheels offer a wide variety.

More panel quilts

There are lots of ways to make panel quilts. Here a big print of fish has been bordered with 3 different fabrics to make a quilt.
This quilt looks pieced, but really it's a cowboy panel.
We have received several Bob the Builder panels that make perfect quilts for preschoolers.
But panel quilts are easy to make for teens, too -- look at this flower power one!

Linus committee quilts

Our committee cuts kits and guild members take them home to make them, or we make them up on a worknight. Lots of people contribute to each quilt, from fabric donation to sewing the label on the finished quilt! This Simple Strippie pattern is from Project Linus headquarters.
Here's a disappearing 9 patch with a dinosaur theme.
Here's a simple 9 patch using our "ugly" fabrics (that is, fabrics not really designed for children), but the addition of an appliqued puppy turns it into an adorable child's quilt.
This was made from donated blocks that used Sesame Street fabric. Cute!

Camp Coco Quilts

Camp Coco is a summer camp for children with blood disorders and various cancers. The Central Illinois chapter of Project Linus donates quilts with an outdoor theme. We sorted all our bug fabrics and made some really cute quilts as part of a guild work night and some Project Linus work nights. Here's one:
This one was made by an individual and donated.
Here are a couple more with different outdoor themes.

This is a bird quilt using our standard easy squares pattern.
This disappearing 9-patch quilt has a bear theme. Sarah, a college student who comes to our worknights, helped with this one.
And here's a butterly themes Disappearing 9 Patch.
A guild member, Talese, framed outdoor prints for a fun quilt.

Camp Coco