Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cowboy strippies

Giddyup! We used Mary's strippie quilt pattern to turn our cowboy fabrics into adorable quilts. (There's a link to Mary's patterns in the sidebar.)
Look at the great quilting Joe did on this one -- you can see it in the closeup below.

Noah's ark strippie quilts

We've been making lots of strippie quilts using Mary's great pattern (you can download a PDF with instructions for the Quick Strippie here). We had several Noah's ark prints donated and used them this way.

Here's a close-up so you can see the fabrics in the one above:
And here's a closeup of another made from yet other ark fabric.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Purples, oh my!

Someone had lots of fabric and blocks in various purples, and creatively put them together into 4 Linus quilts.

Thank you, anonymous donor!

Froggy Camp Coco quilts (ribbit!)

Every summer Camp Coco hosts children with cancer and blood disorders. The Central Illinois Chapter of Project Linus gives each child a summer, outdoor-themed quilt to keep. Here are a few of the donations so far this year -- as you can see, frogs are a popular choice!
Don't you love these colorful, tessellating frogs?
Look closely at the center squares and you can see some froggies peeking out at you!
These squares are also jumping with frogs.
This bordered strippie quilt has some cheerful frogs --
--as does this one! Thanks to Bunny, who made the last two. (Often we don't know who made which quilt, but we do know that all are made with plenty of love!)

Heartstring quilts

These quilts are wonderful for using up scraps! Keep the center strip of each block the same color to provide a little unity to the quilt, and then use whatever else you have! The link to instructions for these is on the sidebar under "Mary Quilts" and "string quilt primer." Have fun!

Easy Squares quilt

The "Easy Squares" pattern is one we have made many kits of -- and some guild members use their own fabrics to make up the pattern.
You can have a constant solid square with varied patterns in the alternate squares, like the one above, or ... can use only two fabrics for all the squares, like the one above and the one below.
This next quilt keeps the patterned squares the same, and uses different colored solids to make a secondary pattern on the diagonal. Very versatile pattern!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Wish Upon a Star

We had three strip quilts donated that used the same "wish upon a star" fabric but different solid colors.

Our longarm quilter, Joe, did a wonderful job with the quilting, filling the solid spaces with interesting designs. He even used glow in the dark thread!

Alphabet panel quilts

One alphabet panel, three very different quilts!

In the first one, the panel is surrounded by a wide border with yellow cornerstones, and then a narrow outer border.
The next one has the same panel with a solid, narrow, inner border and wide outer border.
And the panel was cut in horizontal rows for this quilt, with narrow sashing and a checkerboard border. All the quilts are easy to make because the panel does most of the work, and all of them are adorable!