Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Donations from March 2008

We've gotten some lovely quilts recently! This one from Karen P. is really bright and fun! (The photo colors do not do it justice.) It's a very clever pattern -- the blocks are all the same, but some are turned so the side stripes are vertical and some are turned so they are horizontal. Thanks, Karen!

Debbie D-W is learning the intricacies of her new quilting machine by quilting Linus quilts. She did a great job on this adorable panel quilt.
This was pieced from a committee Easy Squares kit. Looks adorable! I think Charlene B made this one, and I apologize if it was someone else. Charlene regularly pieces our kits and we very much appreciate it!
Diane M made this sweet baby quilt. It's bright and geometric to catch a baby's eye, and the ducks in the border are really cute. Thank you, Diane!
Grandma Bunny made the next 3 wonderful quilts! She donates many quilts each year, all very lovingly made. This is a simple squares pattern, but her border fabrics make it very lively and fun!
This is an outdoors themes quilt, perfect for camp.
Bunny kept the blocks and sashing the same in this fun quilt, but used lots of different, cheery cornerstones. There are lots of kids out there who very much love their Grandma Bunny quilts.
This simple baseball themed quilt is perfect for a sports fan! It has whole cloth on both sides, each with a different baseball design. If you want to contribute to Linus but don't have the time for lots of piecing, consider a donation like this. Let the fabric do the work!
The next two are fringed fleece blankets, very soft and snuggly! The kids love fleece, but please remember if you donate them that SINGLE layer fleece is preferred. The double layer ones look cute, but are quite warm and bulky, so many receiving agencies prefer not to take them. So get TWICE as many blankets by using single layer!

A HUGE thank-you to everyone who donated their fabrics, time, skills, money, and love to make these wonderful blankets!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pattern links!

Scroll down the sidebar on the right and you'll see a new addition -- Easy Patterns for Linus Quilts! This is a link to patterns for quick and easy quilts for Linus. Many are scrap quilts, so you can just dig into your stash. A few are larger in size than you need to make for Linus, but just make fewer blocks (there's nothing complicated about making these smaller). Linus will accept quilts of almost any size, but their biggest need is for quilts about 40" x 60".

If you know of any easy, free patterns available online that you think would make a good Linus quilt, please send me the link!

And always remember, we give these quilts to children in need to show how much we care, so make them with as much care as you would make a quilt for your own child or grandchild. Always use new fabrics in bright, child-friendly, washable fabrics. And be sure to remove ALL pins!